SDSU Administrative Policies & Procedures

Procedures for Sale, Serving and Consumption of Alcohol on Campus


This policy provides for the sale, service, and consumption of alcohol at university-sponsored events, held on and off university property, and at non university-sponsored activities held on university property. This policy applies to any cultural, social or educational event sponsored by registered student organizations, faculty, staff or administrators, as well as off-campus groups or individuals contracting with the university for use of its facilities, open space, or auxiliary organization facilities.


The possession, dispensing, and consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus is only permitted within designated facilities (Oggi's in Aztec Student Union and the SDSU Faculty-Staff Club) or at the special events specified below. Alcohol at an event on campus requires an "SDSU Alcohol Request Approval" form (see SDSU Catering) with the designated University Vice President's approval and signature. Aztec Shops has the right of first refusal and must be hired and present for the serving of alcoholic beverages. Use of such beverages is governed by the University Alcoholic Beverages Policy, copies of which are available from Aztec Student Union Meeting Services.

SDSU AOD Policies

Types of Beverages

Beer and/or wine may not be served at events open to the public. Distilled liquor is not permitted at any time. Attendance at events with alcohol must be limited to the organization's members and their invited guests. Events at which alcohol will be served must have a preponderance of individuals over 21 years of age in attendance.

Authorization for the Possession, Sale or Distribution of Alcoholic Beverages

An individual or group may not possess, consume, sell or distribute beer or wine on San Diego State University property, including long or short-term leased property, without the written approval of the appropriate representative as delineated below:

No less than three (3) weeks prior to the proposed event:

The California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control requires a 3-week turnaround time for approval and issuance of a permit to hold an event where alcohol is to be served; therefore, SDSU Dining services Catering Department must be contacted no less than three (3) weeks prior to the proposed event with use of the proper form(s) listed below by all on- or off-campus individuals, groups, or organizations desiring to bring alcoholic beverages on campus. This requirement is also applicable if the event is to be catered by any other catering company.

Following SDSU Dining Services Catering Department review and consideration of requests from on-campus individuals, groups, or organizations, requests are subject to review and approval of the appropriate vice president (Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Student Affairs or University Relations & Development), or their designee. If the requestor represents the Associated Students or if alcohol is to be served in an Associated Students-managed facility, the Executive Director of Associated Students must approve the request prior to its submission to the Vice President for Business Affairs for approval. Requests on behalf of Student Organizations must also be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs. The President or his/her designee may approve requests from the Office of the President.

All requests from off-campus individuals, groups or organizations are to be submitted to the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs, or his/her designee, for approval.


  • An “SDSU Alcohol Request Approval” form must be submitted three (3) weeks prior to the event if alcohol is to be served. This form may be obtained from SDSU Catering (located in East Commons).
  • You must complete the online “Event Approval System” (EAS) three (3) weeks prior to the event for all sponsored events held on campus where alcohol is to be served. See EAS online.
  • An “Outdoor Space Reservation” form is required to be submitted by all faculty, staff, students or non-students desiring to conduct any event where alcohol is to be served at any open space on the SDSU campus. This form is available from Student Life & Leadership.
  • A “Catering Waiver Approval” form must be submitted three (3) weeks prior to the event. Aztec Shops LTD retains exclusive catering rights for the campus of San Diego State University. Sponsoring organizations, companies, or private individuals wishing to obtain and serve food and beverages from an outside source (whether purchased or donation) must adhere to guidelines and procedures. The "Catering Waiver Approval" form is available from SDSU Catering (located in East Commons).

For more information regarding alcoholic beverages on campus, consult the SDSU Student Organization Handbook.