SDSU Alcohol and other drugs POLICIES

Student Organization Handbook:
Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs

The possession, dispensing, and consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus is only permitted within designated facilities (Oggi's in Aztec Student Union and the SDSU Faculty-Staff Club) or at a specified event. Alcohol at an event on campus requires an "SDSU Alcohol Request Approval" form (see SDSU Catering Policies & Forms), with the designated University Vice President's approval and signature. Aztec Shops has the right of first refusal and must be hired and present for the serving of alcoholic beverages. Use of such beverages is governed by the University Alcoholic Beverages Policy (copies are available from Aztec Student Union Meeting Services).

For more information regarding alcoholic beverages on campus, see the official Student Organization Handbook, or contact Student Life and Leadership at 619-594-5221.

Responsibilities and conditions

In sponsoring a function where beer and/or wine are served, the organization and its officers accept the following responsibilities and conditions:

  • To observe all applicable state laws and university policies.
  • To pay for any/all damages incurred during the activity.
  • To clean and restore the facility to its original condition.
  • To maintain decorum appropriate to the university setting.
  • To limit participation in an authorized event to members of the sponsoring organization and its invited guests.
  • Serving of beer or wine must be clearly incidental and supplementary to the main purpose of the function.
  • To refrain from advertising to the public the availability of alcoholic beverages using alcoholic beverages as an event inducement. Events promoted to the public may not have alcohol served.
  • To only finance beer or wine from a club treasury, excluding use of AS funds. Unless a sponsor is licensed, beer and wine may NOT be sold at student-sponsored events, nor may a specified amount or donation be collected.
  • To also provide non-alcoholic beverages, to be served in the same manner as alcoholic beverages.
  • To assure that no minor or intoxicated person is served alcoholic beverages. It is the responsibility of the organization to ensure that only those of legal drinking age consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Aztec Shops personnel must be present to verify the proof of age of those being served. Self-service is prohibited.
  • A server must be at least 21 years old.
  • Food must be served at all events at which alcohol is available.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be removed from the room within which the serving of alcoholic beverages has been approved. The organization must provide one or more individuals to be positioned by the exits for enforcement of this condition.
  • Alcoholic beverages may be served only in areas where food is normally served.
  • The amount of alcoholic beverages present must be appropriate for the nature of the event, the estimated attendance, and the amount of food and non-alcoholic beverages present.
  • For events on campus any alcohol must be handled through SDSU Catering. Self-service is not permitted. Alcohol may not be sold for fundraising or offered as a prize in a "free drawing."
  • Requests must be submitted to Student Life & Leadership via an Event Approval Form. Please complete an "SDSU Alcohol Request Approval" form (see SDSU Catering Policies & Forms).