Nutrition Presentations

Note that healthy eating presentations are also available for student groups. You can request a presentation on subjects including:

  • Nutrition basics
  • Healthy eating using your meal plan
  • Cooking healthy in the kitchen 

Eating Healthy on Campus

student serving themselves at the salad bar

How to attend

Workshops are generally 1 hour long and are offered on a drop-in basis. See the Well-being & Health Promotion events calendar for specific times and locations of workshops.

Live Well Aztecs: Leading the Way to Well-Being

Here at SDSU, leading an active, engaged and balanced life is not only fun, it’s rewarding! The Live Well Aztecs initiative is a campus wide collaboration that combines many resources in order to promote health, wellness and well-being for students, faculty and staff.

To further promote health and wellness, Live Well Aztecs has teamed up with SDSU Dining to allow making healthier choices easy! Food items labeled, “Live Well Aztecs Approved”, allow you to identify healthier choices such as foods that contain 100% whole grain, have lean protein (including seafood), as well as foods that are a good source of fruits and veggies and low in sodium, added sugars and saturated and trans fats.

The “Live Well Aztecs Approved” label can be found at various places on campus including, Starbucks and the Aztec Markets.

It can be easy to overlook your nutrition with the many other priorities and responsibilities you have as a college student. But nutrition impacts many parts of your life, including mental alertness, brain functioning, and physical well being and stamina. Attend a workshop to learn how to fit healthy eating habits into your daily routine!

Mobile Demonstration Kitchen (Mobi)

Well-being & Health Promotion’s Mobile Demonstration Kitchen, better known as Mobi, is a brand-new resource for students on campus! Mobi provides nutrition education coupled with a cooking demonstration to teach students essential cooking techniques.

Eating Healthy at the Dining Room

At this workshop, you will learn how to create balanced meals, avoid overeating, and get creative with the options available at the Dining Room!

(Note: For this session you must have a meal plan or pay to eat at this location during the workshop).

Eating Healthy at the University Towers Kitchen (UTK)

This workshop will teach you strategies to make healthy choices at UTK, and how to use the foods available at Aztec Market to make nutritious and delicious meals in your residence hall room.

Healthy Eating on Campus Walking Tour

Whether you bring your own lunch or eat on campus, this workshop is for you! Learn how easy it is to make healthy choices on campus, how to save money by meal planning, and ways you can be more in tune with your body. Walking Tour Calendar

2 walking tours are available:

  • Aztec Student Union Walking Tour: This workshop involves a healthy eating scavenger hunt at the following restaurants: Chipotle, The Habit, Oggi’s, Shakesmart & Aztec Market.
  • East Commons Walking Tour: This workshop involves a healthy eating scavenger hunt at the following restaurants: Rubios, Subway, Daphne’s, Panda Express, Vinnie’s, Juice It Up & Aztec Market.

Note: Walking tours of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union and East Commons are also offered as a student presentation.