GYN Orientation

Photo: Packaged contraceptivesSDSU Well-being & Health Promotion offers GYN workshops for students. This workshop covers information about cervical screenings, pelvic exams, and birth control methods.

Note: These workshops are designed for everyone with a cervix and everyone considering use of birth control method for the first time. If you have never had a pelvic exam and/or if you want to begin using a prescription birth control method for the first time, you should attend a GYN workshop before you make a GYN appointment at SDSU Student Health Services.

The GYN workshops are informal and informative sessions designed to better prepare you for your first pelvic exam and/or help you to make an informed decision about your birth control choice. 

  • We will review in detail what will happen during a pelvic exam. 
  • The workshop provides information on the pros and cons of various birth control methods and an explanation on how hormonal birth control works in the body.
  • Learn about sexually transmitted diseases prevention.
  • The workshop provides a variety of useful health tips.

How to attend

Workshops have gone virtual and are now ON DEMAND!! 

Click here to attend our Virtual GYN Session/Orientation

If you would like more information that what is provided in the session, or you are looking to get on Nexplanon/IUD birth control method, please schedule a one-on-one education session with our department. 

Family PACT

Need financial assistance for your Pap exam or birth control prescription? Apply for help from Family PACT.