FratMANers/SISSTER Presentations

This is one of 3 sexual violence presentations that you can request for your student group.

Well-being & Health Promotion presentations are available to the campus community wherever you want to promote health and wellness! 

The FratMANers and SISSTER presentations are facilitated by our trained FratMANers and SISSTER members and are very interactive. These presentations empower students to take responsibility for their own sexual health, providing the education and skills necessary to have a healthier sex life.

The FratMANers and SISSTER presentations talk about affirmative consent and discuss what affirmative consent looks like. Both presentations encourage participants to become aware and take responsibility for challenging social issues related sexual violence.

 This presentation will provide the following:

  • A realistic approach to sexual assault on-campus
  • Education on how to raise awareness within the community about rape, potential rape situations, and sexual assault.
  • A discussion of rape myths and how to combat these within the community
  • Definitions of mutual consent for sexual activity and examples of what affirmative actually looks like
  • An explanation of the “Yes Means Yes” policy
  • Information about on- and off-campus resources for survivors of sexual violence

Also see:

Sexual violence prevention awareness and resources -  includes what constitutes consent, victim resources, and related on-campus events like Take Back the Night and the White Ribbon Campaign.


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Photo: 2 fraternity members and two sorority members