#aztecsreachingaztecsDid you ever wonder if SDSU was the right choice for you?  Not only did you have to deal with classes, but you also had to start over, to make new friends, and to figure out where you belonged.  No wonder you questioned if you made the right decision!!

Lots of college students report feeling lonely, which makes focusing on school even more stressful. Having good friends reduces stress, loneliness, and isolation; and increases self-confidence and self-esteem.

Become a peer educator with Aztecs Reaching Aztecs (ARA), a program that helps students make connections and reminds them why they chose to come to SDSU. 

Peer Educator Responsibilities

  • Bringing creativity and passion to the development of events that help students connect with each other while building a greater sense of community on campus.
  • Utilizing organizational and leadership skills to help implement full-day campus events, as well as a series of smaller, weekly events geared toward different student student groups.
  • Committing to 5-8 hours per week throughout both the Fall and Spring semesters:
    • A full-day of team building and planning before the semester.
    • 2-hour team meeting each week.
    • Weekly afternoon and/or evening activities with different student groups.
    • 3-4 all-day events during each semester.
  • Having a flexible schedule, being energetic, and caring about your fellow students and the university community, as these are very important for this role as well. 

Benefits of Being a Peer Educator 

  • Helping to improve the college experience for yourself and others.
  • Working with a great group of peers and professionals at C&PS.
  • Building skills and experiences that are great for resumes and grad school apps.
  • Getting paid $250/semester! 

How to Apply

Applications are currently being accepted, and we will begin to review them on April 13, 2018. Apply by clicking here (Google doc file).  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Diana or Todd at [email protected].