Referrals to Outside Agencies

Many services and resources that are not available on campus are readily available in the surrounding community. C&PS has a very organized and thorough system that has identified competent and professional providers to assist students when we are unable to. We will do our best to connect students to a provider who can best suit their needs.

Additionally, students are not able to be evaluated for ADD/ADHD, or be prescribed medication for ADD/ADHD through Student Health Services. Outside referrals may be the best option in this situation.

If you would like information and assistance in seeking a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist off campus, Counseling & Psychological Services' staff are available by phone for consultation and specific recommendations. Call (619) 594-5220 and ask to speak to the next available therapist on "PHONE CONSULTATION."

Reasons to get outside care

  • Availability. In some situations, private care can provide you with more immediately available services. For example, if you need an appointment sooner than the next available appointment at C&PS, or you need several appointments per week, private care is the appropriate resource for you.
  • Specialty. The staff at C&PS consists of highly trained professionals, but there may be times we cannot provide every type of service that students may need. For example, if you require an inpatient or partial-day treatment program, coordinated care for a complex medical/psychological problem, formal assessment/diagnostic services, long-term psychotherapy or specialized services, a referral to outside care is necessary.
  • Privacy. On-campus and off-campus providers adhere to the same ethical and legal standards of confidentiality with regard to your conversations and records. However, if you are especially concerned about your privacy, off-campus care affords you the greatest degree of privacy.

Issues to consider when arranging for care outside C&PS

It is important that you connect with a provider who can serve your particular needs. In arranging for private care, you may want to discuss the following issues with the therapists at C&PS or with a potential provider:

  • Credentials/Services. Is the provider well qualified to work with you on your particular concerns? Does the provider offer services that are appropriately extensive, immediate, or specialized?
  • Accessibility. Where is the provider located and how would you get there? Is public transportation or parking available?
  • Affordability. What are the provider's fees or charges? Will the provider accept your insurance? If the services are not covered on insurance, or the insurance has limited coverage, what are your payment options?
  • Personal preferences. With whom would you be most comfortable speaking (someone with a particular gender or cultural/linguistic background, etc.)? How important are these preferences to you?

When you call, please have available information on counseling or mental health insurance coverage you or your parent(s) may carry. This information is vital in making a good referral for you. If you have no insurance coverage, some therapists use a sliding fee scale based on your ability to pay. The lowest fee under these conditions is typically $30 per session.

Other Referral Sources

  • San Diego Psychological Association Referral Services:
  • San Diego Social Services Resource Hotline: 211
  • AA Meetings: (619) 265-8762
  • Adult Protective Services: (800) 339-4661
  • A.I.D.S. Hotline: (800) 590-2437
  • Child Abuse Hotline: (858) 560-2191
  • Cocaine Anonymous: (866) 242-2248
  • 24 Hr. Community Referral & Crisis Hotline (888) 724-7240
  • Narcotics Anonymous: (619) 584-1007
  • Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous: (800) 600-6028,
  • Naranon:
  • Rape and Domestic Violence: 888-385-4657
  • Planned Parenthood: (888) 743-7526