No boring lectures, no 8-hour Saturday school, no labels…

ASPIRE is an opportunity for you to take an in-depth look at where you are in your life and where you would like to be. You will be talking one-on-one with a counselor discussing your lifestyle and choices and receive personalized feedback about your alcohol use and family risk factors. You’ll learn what’s happening at San Diego State related to drinking and drug use. You may also work with interactive computerized programs and assessment tools and be connected with other campus services and resources. The ASPIRE program is tailored individually to you.

A complete college education includes emotional intelligence, not just book learning! You will discover more about your emotions and how they affect your life and learning.

For more information please call 619-594-5220.

Comments from ASPIRE students:

"My counselor didn’t preach to me about not drinking or smoking pot, but rather helped me identify ways to control my behavior."

— ASPIRE student

"I went in because I got written up for alcohol in my dorm and I was expecting to get preached to and shown horrific pictures of the negative effects of drinking. Instead, I learned something about my patterns of behavior that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. I’m glad I went."

"C&PS treated me with great respect and I loved my visit with my counselor. She was very friendly, understanding, considerate, and easy to open up to. Thank you for seeing me."

"The counseling was comforting and on the whole helped me take a different look at life."

"I was sent to counseling because I was in a dorm room with alcohol. My counselor was very understanding and fun to talk to. I dreaded my first meeting, but quickly changed my mind after a minute of talking to her. I am glad to know that if I ever need help, there is someone there for me. Thanks!"