photo of person holding therapy dog Baxter

C&PS offers a wide range of services to help students obtain support for a variety of presenting concerns. These include individual counseling, couples counseling, group therapy, workshops, specialized programs, and appointments with Baxter, C&PS’ therapy dog.

Making the most of counseling

To a large degree, the progress you make in counseling will depend on your active and genuine involvement. Here are some things you can do to enhance your experience in counseling:

  • Attend all of your scheduled counseling sessions, or let your counselor know if you have to miss an appointment.
  • Honestly and openly voice your thoughts and feelings in counseling.
  • Between sessions, think through the concerns you are addressing in counseling.
  • Complete your counseling homework assignments.
  • Experiment with new and positive ways of doing things and thinking about things.
  • Give your counselor feedback about how counseling is going.

Join a counseling group or workshop

You may request, or your counselor may suggest, that you join a counseling group or workshop. C&PS groups are typically comprised of six to eight students with a range of concerns and personal growth goals, and are led/co-led by one or two group therapists on staff. We have found that many students can profit from group counseling and workshops, particularly when their areas of concern arise in relationships with other people. It can be a powerful learning experience to realize that others share some of the same struggles and can offer insights and feedback as well as support.