The Successful Community Living program will help you think about how to be successful in all aspects of your life… in and out of the classroom. We live in a complex world that requires a complex array of skills.

To succeed in today’s world, you will need far more than ‘book-smarts’. Ever heard of Emotional Intelligence? It’s been demonstrated to be a critical ingredient in the recipe for Success.

Emotional  Intelligence is about knowing yourself, being clear about your values, developing the skills to work/live effectively with others, learning what it means to be a good citizen of any community (e.g., work, school, residential), developing your character, and knowing how to manage and express emotions…even strong ones… effectively.

You will be asked to actively think and talk about these issues with other SDSU students and a group facilitator. We hope that through this process, you will learn something about yourself, and maybe even gain some new insights into how you might better achieve the personal success you desire.

For more information please call (619) 594-5220.