Helping a Student

Faculty and staff members may come into contact with emotionally distressed students. We recommend faculty and staff members familiarize themselves with possible strategies for interacting with students if they appear to be experiencing moderate to severe levels of distress.

Follow the links below for information for interacting with students following a tragedy, a booklet for working with emotionally distressed students, and quick guidelines for referring students over to our office.

Orienting Students to C&PS - PowerPoint Slides for Faculty/Staff Use

C&PS has prepared PowerPoint slides providing descriptions of quick-access C&PS services, contact information for our office, and resources for crisis support. We encourage faculty and staff to include these slides in any presentation, in or out of the classroom, where they may be helpful to students.

To download, click each slide to open the image in the browser window. Right click the image and select "Save As". The image file can then be inserted into a PowerPoint presentation (sized to fit a full slide). 

C&PS Contact Info

C&PS slide 1

Quick-Access Resources at C&PS

C&PS Slide 2

Urgent/Crisis Resources

C&PS Slide 3