C.O.P.E.* Stress Test

*(Cultivating Optimal Personal Experiences)

Using the scale below, rate yourself on how you “normally” react, not how you “would like” to act.

4 = always   3 = frequently   2 = sometimes   1 = never

- Do you try to do as much as possible in the least amount of time?

- Do you become extremely frustrated when things don’t go according to plan?

- Do you feel that you sometimes have trouble connecting with people?

- Are you frequently late?

- Are you unlikely to ask for help with a problem?

- Do you focus on gaining the respect and approval of others?

- Are you critical of yourself and/or others?

- Do people say to you, “You take on too much responsibility”?

- Are your relationships less satisfying than you would like?

- Do you find yourself “spread too thin” with your time and energy?

- Do you get angry and irrational and then apologize to people later?

- Do you find yourself “putting off ” resting, saying things like, “I’ll relax next week”?

- Do you have the habit of doing more than one thing at a time?

- Do you have little time for hobbies or “alone” time?

- Do you tend to rush through conversations, finish people’s sentences, and talk quickly?

- Do you consider yourself “hard driving”?

- Do you have a lot of emotional ups and downs?

- Do you need a deadline to be motivated?

- Do you do your best work “at the last minute”?

- Do you feel a little guilty if you have a weekend or an evening where you do absolutely nothing productive?

- : Add up the numbers for all twenty questions.

Check your results

If your score is between:

You are either extremely effective at avoiding stressful situations or you are avoiding any type of conflict or high stimulation in your life. It could mean you are doing very well or it could mean you have room to push yourself a little bit more. If you’d like to explore this more, call C&PS for a phone consultation.
You have achieved a good balance in handling and controlling stress. You should feel content. Work to stay in this range. If you’d like to ensure that things remain in balance, call C&PS for a consultation.
You are pushing the boundaries of healthy stress and need to watch yourself so you do not go over the edge. The COPE workshop could be a great fit for you. Call C&PS to discuss this further.
You are very much at risk for burnout, high tension and maybe even stress-related illness. You need to make some immediate changes in your life and perhaps get some help dealing with this anxiety. We offer a range of options, call one of our counselors today to discuss them!