Gynecological Exam & Contraception Presentation

This is one of 3 sexual health presentations available for student groups.

These free presentations empower students to take responsibility for their own sexual health, providing both the education and the skills necessary to have a healthier sex life. Presentations are appropriate for all-male, all-female, mixed groups, and LGBTQ participants.

Request this presentation to demystify the gynecological health exam and what to expect when receiving one!

In this presentation you will learn when you should be getting a gynecological health exam and what occurs during this exam including a thorough explanation of a pap smear.

We will also cover the many different types of birth control or contraceptives available today! We will come with examples, models, and interactive activities to get your group thinking about the many options available and for those who utilize birth control, encouraging the audience to find a method that works well for them and their lifestyle!


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Photo: Women attending a presentation about the pill