When we have distressing feelings, they can feel unmanageable at times. One technique we like is to ‘ride the wave' of emotion. 

Oceans can be both calm and very active. Sometimes our emotions might feel calm, like an ocean on a peaceful day. Other times they may feel very intense and upsetting, like the ocean on a stormy day. 


  • Imagine that your emotions are the waves in the ocean.
  • You are there too with a surfboard.
  • Focus on observing that your emotions are present and imagine that your emotions are these waves.
  • You are a surfer on these waves. You observe your emotions while the waves go in and out.
  • You feel the intensity of your emotions come and go, come and go.
  • Accept the fact that we all have emotions, sometimes they are intense and sometimes they are not. This may be a time you are riding an intense emotion.
  • You may notice that your body feels certain ways when you experience intense emotions.
  • Separate your body’s response from you emotional response and simply observe what you are feeling physically (e.g. notice that your stomach feel tight. This is fine, just a physical feeling.)
  • After time passes, the intensity of the emotions will fade. You rode the wave successfully and can use this skill again.

If you found this helpful, we recommend that you explore more about riding the waves of emotion. One great way is to explore YouTube and find videos that can guide you through this that you find yourself connecting with.