It is very common for college students experience high levels of distress and, if you are part of that group, we hope you know that you are not alone. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, simply want to focus on wellness, or anywhere in between, please explore our collection of self-help strategies and skills and resources. 

Control vs No Control

Learn how to identify areas of your life that you have control over versus areas you do not. You can then learn how to navigate through the differences.

Coping Skills

Utilizing healthy coping skills can be one of the best strategies for self care. Learn more about which coping skills are best for you. 

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing techniques can significantly decrease stress and anxiety and increase relaxation and ability to sleep. 


Having empathy for someone can allow you to communicate more effectively, experience healthier relationships, and improve your emotional experience as a whole. 


Being able to focus and reflect on the areas of your life that you are grateful for can significantly improve your overall levels of satisfaction. 

Grounding Techniques

Grounding techniques are skills that allow you to refocus during times of intense emotional distress. 

Identifying Emotions

Emotional intelligence gives you an opportunity to understand your personal experience in greater depth and allows you to grow as a person.


Journaling can be a great way to express yourself in a personal and private manner. Allowing yourself to get your thoughts out can be very beneficial.


Mindfulness techniques promote relaxation, allow you to be more present in the moment, and foster self growth. 

Radical Acceptance

Accepting your situation, instead of focusing on everything you are dissatisfied with it, can allow you to decrease distress and increase you ability to navigate through difficult situations. 

Ride Wave of Emotion

Experience your emotions in a new way, where you do not fight them, but allow yourself to simply experience them with the help of visual imagery. 

Self Soothing

Self soothing allows us to obtain comfort when experiencing intense emotional reactions. 

Self Talk

Monitoring and reframing your thoughts can greatly improve your outlook on the world.


Explore what values most for you. Reflect on your personal value system and reflect on how you are using these values in your daily life.  

Wise Mind

A wise mind allows us to balance our emotional and analytical influences to allow us to make better decisions and reduce stress.