Self soothing is a wonderful approach for when we are feeling overwhelmed emotionally. When you want to self soothe, try to identify activities or experiences you enjoy that utilize your senses.

You are feeling overwhelmed with emotion after a very rough day. You have your favorite shirt that is extremely comfortable. You put on the shirt, as well as your most comfortable pajama pants, and feel more relaxed.


  • Listen to your favorite song or genre of music
  • Listen to a stream or the ocean waves, either in person or via technology
  • Listen to the sounds of rain
  • Listen to relaxing music
  • Go outside and breathe in fresh air
  • Cook something that smells delicious
  • Use incense
  • Go to the beach and breathe in the ocean air
  • Put a piece of candy in your mouth and focus on the taste
  • Eat your favorite meal slowly and enjoy
  • Drink your favorite coffee or tea drink
  • Put on your most comfy clothes
  • Take a warm bath
  • Get comfortable in a warm blanket
  • Put a warm washcloth on your face
  • Watch puppy videos
  • Search beautiful photos on Google to find images that you enjoy
  • Research picturesque parts and San Diego. If you are able to do in a safe manner, visit a place you have not been to before and enjoy the views you see.

There are many more options you can try and you might find it fun to explore some on your own. The best test for this is to figure out which ones make you feel good just thinking about them.