The initial transition to SDSU can be difficult for many students. Some students anticipate that leaving home may be rough and mentally prepare for the transition. For others, feeling homesick catches them off-guard. Students feel can feel homesick at any time, but it often is strongest when they first come to SDSU. We meet with many students who, within a week or two of coming to SDSU, felt as if they were the only ones that were not enjoying college. 

Some common reasons people feel homesick are:

  • Miss their friends and family more than they thought
  • Miss having a more private space
  • Feel like the college experience is “different” than they anticipated
  • Went from having a large amount of friends in high school to feeling as if they are starting over
  • Something significant happens back home after coming to SDSU which leads to them feeling guilty they are not home

There are many more, but these are a few examples.


There are many students each fall that feel homesick when they attend SDSU. Many of these students tell us that they think they are the only ones that feel this way. They look around at other students and believe that everyone else is having a great time and adjusting well.

Sometimes it is helpful to know that how you are feeling is normal and common, particularly because many students feel guilt or shame that they feel this way. We recommend you look at the Aztecs Reaching Aztecs Instagram account (and attend their events) to learn more about the experiences of other students at SDSU.

There are countless ways to get involved on campus and this can be a great way to feel less homesick. Students can reach out to others on their floor, attend virtual events at held by SDSU, or look into joining a student organization that aligns with their interests. These options may be somewhat different and unique during COVID, though many have virtual options.

For transfer and commuter students, make sure you look into options at the commuter resources center.

For some students that experience homesickness, engage in your favorite self care activities. This can be any nice things that you do for yourself, whether it is going outside to get a breathe of fresh air, participating in yoga, listening to music or guided meditations, or anything else that works for you.

Creating a new environment at SDSU that is pleasurable for you can help with some of these feelings. You may find it helpful to look at our section on coping strategies as some of these may give you ideas on how to practice self care effectively.


See if you can do at least one of them each day.
Here is a link to active student organizations. There are so many student organizations and getting involved may help you feel more connected to SDSU.
Their handle is @ara_sdsu. You may learn that many students have similar experiences to you. 


  • If you are curious if your homesickness may be related to anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns, you may find it helpful to take one of our 8 mental health screening tools.