How to Register for HEALTHeCONNECT


If you are an SDSU community member (faculty, staff, and students), you should be able to log into using your SDSU logon information. If you have not already registered for DUO multifactor authentication, you will need to do so.

If you are already logged into your SDSU account on your computer and have recently authenticated on that device, when you visit HealtheConnect, you will automatically be logged in. 

Troubleshooting Your HealtheConnect Login:

If you are having a hard time logging into HealtheConnect, a couple things to double-check. 

1.) If you are an employee who is also currently enrolled as a student at SDSU, please try logging in with your student email address.

2.) Try opening a new private or incognito browsing window to log in.  This should require that you get a new DUO push via your selected authentication method (phone call, text, etc.) and allow you to log in with an active SDSU account.

3.) If you cannot remember your SDSU password, additional support is available here.

If you are still having challenges with login, call our team at 619-594-2506 or send us an e-mail at [email protected]