The Latinx Resource Center at SDSU supports students of Latin American descent throughout their journey at SDSU to thrive academically, socially and mentally, with a commitment to intersectionality, inclusivity, equity and social and racial justice. 

The Latinx Resource Center cultivates a space where students can show up authentically, be validated and seen for their full humanity. 

  • Academic Success
  • Identity Exploration and Formation
  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Social and Racial Justice

Comunidad. At the LRC, our focus is on building community, and fostering well-being across a powerful, diverse collective. We strive to think beyond the individual self, reflecting on the wellbeing of our community as a whole; on how we can give back; on how we can support others now and after graduation; on the responsibilities and connections we have to those not just at SDSU, but beyond campus as well. As a community, a colectivo, we are strong together.

Colaboracion. At the LRC, we work together. We recognize that collaboration, among ourselves, and with those beyond our immediate community, and beyond campus, is essential to our collective progress. We recognize that all movements do, and must, include many voices, and that we can find intersubjectivity, and progress, even if we do not always fully agree. Through collaboration, we humanize one another, and move forward.

Conocimientos. At the LRC, knowledge and learning matter. We know, following on the history of our community movements, that education is our stand. Academics can empower us. Mastering disciplinary knowledge can allow us room to challenge inequities. Pushing our intellectual boundaries in institutional contexts creates space for us to transform institutions with ours and our communities’ wisdom and knowledge. We are at SDSU to learn, and our learning will transform the world.

Confianza. At the LRC, our relationships are founded on trust; to one another, and to our communities as a whole. Though we are diverse in our views, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, we can build trust in our shared commitments and values. We will hold ourselves accountable, and ensure that everything we do is rooted in a desire to best serve our communities and grow together. We will challenge each other to be our best selves, and call one another in with respect and grace. Trust gives our community an unshakeable foundation.

Conciencia.  At the LRC, justice matters. We are our ancestors' wildest dreams; achieving through higher education what generations before us were excluded from, fought for, and dispossessed of. Carrying this history with us always, social and racial justice is at the heart of what we do. Everything we do must advance a more equitable, humanizing world. We are guided by our critical consciousness; our awareness that a better world is possible. We see the world as it is, and are imagining the world as it might be.

Conexiones. At the LRC, we are a diverse community, connected through mutual respect and love. We know that each of us arrives to every space we inhabit with multiple, intersectional identities; growing from different lived experiences, commitments, and unique points of view. It is through embracing these differences that we, as a collective, learn and grow. When we are allowed to show up authentically, each person’s uniqueness and humanity adds to our own. You are welcomed as you are!


About Us

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Yesenia Sánchez (She/Her/Hers/Ella) 

Director of Latinx Resource Center