Interfaith SUPPORT 

San Diego State University aims to foster an affirming campus culture based on the core values of excellence, equity, diversity, belonging and inclusion. For this reason, the SDSU community is encouraged to observe religious holidays in accordance with their faith and values. Campus community members are encouraged to be mindful of holiday observances when planning for the academic year and are required to make reasonable accommodations for students and employees per SDSU policies.

Visit the Interfaith Calendar for a list of religious traditions or holidays observed within religions. Please let us know if an important holiday to you is currently not listed so we can include it in future iterations. This calendar provides the dates, holiday descriptions, general practices and recommended accommodations in hopes that you help SDSU become a community that is welcoming to everyone. While we have spent a significant amount of time reviewing this information, we welcome any feedback you may have. Some holidays, particularly those that follow the lunar calendar and rely on sightings of the New Moon, like in Islamic holidays, vary according to region. Other observances, like in Buddhist holidays, vary greatly across cultures and traditions. 

Lastly, we would like to remind our community that religion is part of someone’s social identities and that everyone practices religion based on their personal journey. For this reason, it is important to actively listen to learn how someone lives religious holidays and to never assume regardless of general practices listed here below or previous knowledge.