SDSU Celebrates Jewish Heritage Month

"When we use the flame of our own candle to light another candle, the first is not diminished. There is now, simply more light."
—Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks z”l (of blessed memory)

Jewish Heritage Month is the annual recognition and celebration of the past, present and future achievements and contributions of Jewish people to our country. SDSU honors this Heritage Month in March though it is nationally recognized in May. 

SDSU is committed to honoring this tradition this month and throughout the year by educating SDSU’s students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners about the achievements and contributions of Jewish people who have helped form the fabric of history, culture and society

Please Join Us

This month, the campus will have an opportunity to participate in some of the customs that many Jewish people in the United States observe and to also learn about some significant Jewish contributions to SDSU’s history.

The Jewish community at SDSU is proud to present a series of events to celebrate Jewish Heritage Month. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to participate in this annual series of events and can find the RSVP form for all events here:

  • March 6, 5-6:30 pm: Global Antisemitism - General Trends and Recent Threats in the Western World with guest speaker Professor Uffa Jensen, a historian of modern history and deputy director at the Centre for Research on Antisemitism at the Technische Universitat in Berlin.
  • March 8, 6-8:30 pm: Multicultural Shabbat dinner will be held in collaboration with Hillel, Chabad and SDSU.  A Kosher catered meal will be provided while discussing the importance of rest.
  • March 14, 4-8 pm: Jewish Heritage Month Dinner at The Garden will highlight Jewish dishes for dinner service in collaboration with SDSU Dining.
  • March 19, 12-2 pm: Purim Celebration will have some lawn games, snacks, hamentashen and opportunities for attendees to learn about this Jewish holiday.

In addition to attending events this month, we encourage you to take a course in the Jewish Studies Program, explore the Jewish Historical Society of San Diego Archives housed in SDSU’s special collections, consider joining a Jewish student organization, or pay a visit to SDSU Hillel or Chabad SDSU