Mind, Body, and Spirit Room

There are two Mind, Body, and Spirit Rooms, located in the Center for Intercultural Relations and SDSU Library. These spaces are for individuals of all religious faiths and non-religious beliefs to focus on their mind, body, and spirit, whether in prayer, meditation, or quiet contemplation.

CIR Mind, Body, and Spirit Room

This space is available on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the day, and is not available for reservations. This space is open and accessible to students, faculty, staff, and community members throughout the day. Please review our guidelines.

Materials available: Prayer rugs, religious resources, pillows, and yoga mats are available for individuals who want to use them for prayer and meditation.

Wudu station: In the Student Union, there are Wudu stations in the Women's Restroom on the second floor and in the Men's Restroom on the third floor. There is also an All-Gender bathroom next to the CIR and near the Mind, Body, Spirit room in the library for community members who would like to wash up before use of the space.

Accessing the Mind, Body, and Spirit Rooms: The Mind, Body and Spirit Room in the CIR is available for use while the center is open. Please fill out this form to get access to the room in the library and a CIR member will follow up with you with more information. 

If you observe inappropriate use of this room, you are encouraged to contact the Center for Intercultural Relations Staff, located at the front desk. CIR staff can be reached by phone at 619-594-7057 or by email at [email protected].


Mind, Body, Spirit Flyer