Young Men of Color Alliance (YMoCA)

Brotherhood: Creating unity through community, support and growth.

Program Overview

The Young Men of Color Alliance is a collaborative program with the Men of Color Alliance (MoCA) Employee Resource Group, Center for Intercultural Relations, Counseling and Psychological Services, and the Office of Educational Opportunity Programs and Ethnic Affairs. This program is open to all incoming first year and transfer students who identify as men of color or nonbinary. Through participation in the program students will receive access to: 

  • Weekly Men of Color Empowerment Group for students to talk about masculinity, gender, racial justice, inequities in higher education, and more
  • Support from men of color faculty, staff, graduate students
  • Free academic coaching and tutoring resources
  • Mentorship support from an Academic Coach and Peer Mentor
  • Professional development opportunities


The Young Men of Color Alliance (YMoCA) is an academic success initiative created to empower and support young men of color at San Diego State University. The program was designed to recruit, retain, and encourage young men of color to persist toward degree completion. The program employs a strength-based psychosocial approach guided by an emerging discourse on masculinity, developmental theory, cultural-relational frameworks, and theories of learning and neuroscience.


The Young Men of Color Alliance is designed to support and celebrate individuals who identify as men of color. Our world is increasingly interconnected and interdependent; we need a generation of leaders prepared to work together. We will cultivate diverse leaders who employ cognitive complexity to solve problems while operating from cultural humility.  The Young Men of Color Alliance will foster a community of leaders who understand, respect, and appreciate the specific cultural differences between themselves and others.  

Program Staff 


Adam C. Adams, M.S.

Community Liaison Manager and YMoCA Program Manager

“Starting college is an exciting and scary time. It is something new that brings about many different feelings. The Young Men of Color Alliance (YMoCA) is a program that builds community and trust. It opens up a space to learn from each other’s experiences and explore topics that stimulate personal growth. The goal of this program is that you will build lasting connections that will help shape your future for the better.”


Ricky J. Pope, Ph.D

SDSU Alumnus, YMoCA Facilitator, and C&PS Psychologist

“Finding mentors that I identified with was essential in learning to navigate campus to become a successful student. Graduating from SDSU has changed the trajectory of my life. As a facilitator and psychologist, my goal is to foster in each student a sense of somebodiness which is a feeling of dignity, purpose, and meaning.”


Alex Reyes

CIR Graduate Assistant and YMoCA Program Development Consultant

“I am looking forward to supporting men of color in the Young Men of Color Alliance (YMoCA) by helping to facilitate a brave space where students feel comfortable being vulnerable and open to exploring the intersectionality of their identities.” 

Program Development Consultants

  • Mohamed Abdi, M.A., M.S., Assistant Director, Center for Intercultural Relations
  • Niko Villa, M.A., Outreach Specialist, The Educational Opportunity Programs and Ethnic Affairs
  • Paige Hernandez, M.A., Director, Center for Intercultural Relations
  • William Tran, CIR Graduate Assistant, Center for Intercultural Relations